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Crown Molding

Crown Molding

It is the little details in buildings and houses, such as finish work, that truly bring the living spaces together. Hughes Trim wants you to know more about finish work, so you can get a better sense of the skills it takes to truly complete a building project. Our team is dedicated to every project that we face. However, we certainly take pride in our finished work because we have a very skilled team.

Many people think that finish work such as trim and molding is slapped on windows, doors, and baseboards to make the building look cleaner. There is a lot that goes into finished work, however, which is why we provide the information that we do about it. Finish work such as wood crown molding and other trim takes a lot of tools and skills to actually complete. It is important that our builders and contractors know exactly how to measure the trim, as well as what tools to use for it. We hope you learn a lot about our finish work because we are the best in Florida!

Wood Crown

Molding And More

We want to break down the different types of trim and molding projects that we accomplish, so you can fully understand the differences. Molding and trim are essentially the detailed baseboards that you see around the edges of your doors, windows, and flooring to disguise the separation between the walls.

Believe it or not, there are many types of molding and trim that our builders and contractors can achieve. One type of molding is called crown molding, which actually goes around the ceiling as opposed to the baseboards at the bottom of the walls. It is also very decorative and tends to run on an angle around the ceilings. Another type of molding is cornices, which is actually a section of crown molding. It is the section that goes across the top to truly bring the design together. Cove molding provides a curved and sleek look instead of a detailed look. Chair rail molding is another type of finish work that runs along the walls above the floor, so when chairs hit the wall, it is protected. Panel molding is a type of molding that looks like squares or even frames that go rather high up the wall. Then, there is baseboard molding, which is what you see on the floor that runs along against the walls. It is usually placed there to hide work.

And Tools

Even though finish work is a rather small detail in buildings and homes, it makes all of the difference and provides a clean look all around. Finish work also takes numerous tools for shaping, shredding, measuring, cutting, and more. It is crucial to know the correct tools to use for finish work. It also takes a lot of patience and skill, and our builders and contractors certainly have that!


We take pride in our company because we have a very devoted team that has been together for around twenty years. You can rest assured that our employers love working hard together to complete the largest and smallest projects. We love building new relationships with our employees and customers, and there is nothing that we cannot accomplish.

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Hughes Trim loves sharing details about the work that we do. We offer the best finish work in Florida from wood crown molding to simple baseboards. Our employees are treated with the utmost care and can express their passions as builders and contractors to the fullest. Call or visit us today for more information.

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