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Exterior Doors

Exterior Doors

There are many companies out there who claim that they offer amazing work and amazing finish carpentry and exterior door installation. However, none of these companies can compare to Hughes Trim because we truly stand out to suppliers and to others more than ever. We have a very driven and knowledgeable team who work very hard to build relationships with suppliers and the people they partner with for projects.

We offer work that is in contact with the provider of the materials, so there are very minimal issues that arise, such as shortages or wrong orders. This is just one example of why we stand out compared to other companies. We love sharing information about our company so we can spread the word and promote all of the projects that we can accomplish. Our team has a wide range of skills that translate into all of the work we do. We believe that variety demonstrates that we have what it takes to take on any project no matter how big or small it is. We hope you learn a lot about us because we are the best in Florida!

Why Our Skills Such

A Finish Carpentry Stand Out

You might be wondering what makes our company stand out compared to others. There are many reasons why we offer amazing services and a polished environment for work, and we want you to be fully informed about all of them. One of the main reasons why we stand out is because we want to make sure that employees feel comfortable and satisfied with their work. We love to create an environment where people can express themselves as builders and contractors and delve into any projects they want. However, we also want to encourage all of the employees to be passionate and improve in all areas of their work overtime. We believe that customers should receive nothing but the highest quality from a team that truly works together.

Another reason we stand out is that we have amazing managers who will create an organized list that has deadlines, schedules, and any materials that we need for a project. We understand that we have a responsibility when it comes to our employees, and we never leave anyone in the dust. Our company has been together for twenty years, and we have a lot to show for it.


We offer a large variety of services so our contractors and builders can delve into all kinds of projects. Here are just a few of the projects and services that we offer:

  • Crown molding 
  • Exterior door installation 
  • Exterior Rails
  • Mantels 
  • Flex molding 
  • Trimming for windows 
  • Systems for wood and iron


And Family

A business that has been around as long as we have makes amazing relationships both in and outside of the workplace. We love to think of our team as a family because we conquer some of the biggest projects together. We love to share our experiences with each other and with our customers to make them feel like we have what it takes.

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Hughes Trim are professionals who love sharing information about our business overall, along with specific projects and services that we offer, such as finish carpentry, exterior door installation, and more. Make sure you call or visit us today in Florida for more information about our team.

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