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Interior Doors

Interior Doors

Many people do not understand the skills and patience it takes to complete Florida door and trim projects. That is why Hughes Trim explains these skills and what trimming truly is. We want you to understand that trim is more than just a fancy design around interior doors, and that it truly takes a lot of craftsmanship and skills. Trim is the final project for many builders and contractors because it is placed around windows, interior doors, walls, and more. Aside from all of the measuring and design for trims, there are a lot of hidden talents that carpenters have to have in order for it to be successful.

There is something special about knowing exactly what goes into the small details of buildings and things that you look at every day. We offer the best trim in Florida, so we hope that you learn a lot from us!


Door And Trim Skills

You might be wondering what kind of skills go into trim work for builders and contractors. One skill that is required for trim is trim work in general. That is, you have to know the exact tools for certain designs on trim such as a pin nailer, chop saw, table saw, and more. It takes a lot of skill to choose the correct trim and install it properly with a chic and detailed design.

Another skill for trim is door fitting, which entails figuring out if the interior door will swing properly. It is crucial that the door’s latch and other parts are in the right position alongside the trim. Builders and contractors also have to be skilled with cabinet installation because there is a lot of trim around cabinets as well. It’s important that cabinets open and close properly, and that they are measured perfectly because they are built and then have to slide into their places.

Flooring installation is another important skill to have because there is always trim around the flooring. It is essential that it is laid down well and that nothing gets damaged or measured incorrectly in the process.

What Tools
Are Needed

Of course, builders and contractors would not be able to design perfect finishes and trim without proper tools. There are many tools that are used for trim and finishes. Here are all of the necessary tools:

  • Gouges 
  • Spokeshaves 
  • Chisels 
  • Chop saws with two compounds 
  • Sanders 
  • Nailers
  • Tools for scribing

Knowledge And

The two main aspects that we believe truly make a difference when it comes to finishes and trim are knowledge and experience. You can be certain that our team of experts has years of experience when it comes to finish and trim projects. We also have a lot of knowledge behind what tools to use, how to measure the lumber, and all the other aspects that go into trims.

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Hughes Trim are professionals who want to share our knowledge about Florida door and trim projects. We take pride in our work, and we want to expand the knowledge of others in the best way we can. Call or visit us today in Florida for more details and information.

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