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Flex Moulding

Flex moulding

Any sort of moulding in a home or building truly completes the living spaces within it. Finished work provides a clean-cut aesthetic, and it is just the right finishing touch wherever it is placed. At Hughes Trim, we tell you about Flex moulding because it is rather popular, and it takes a lot of knowledge and skills to install and build properly.

All types of finish work, such as trim and moulding projects require a lot of skills, tools, and overall knowledge. However, flexible moulding is an amazing touch for any home or building because it can wrap around all types of surfaces, appliances, and anything else. Flexible moulding is exactly what it sounds like. It is a moulding that is flexible so it can curve and bend in any direction.

Our team of dedicated experts knows exactly how to measure, cut, finish, and shape moulding for any home or building. We hope that you learn a lot about flexible moulding because we are the best team in Florida!

Details And Advice About

Flex Moulding

We have a lot of tips and details about flexible moulding up our sleeves that we want to share with you. We love sharing our knowledge with other builders and contractors, so they can gain a better sense of how flexible moulding works and maybe even improve in their own projects! In terms of laying out flexible moulding, it is important to let it take its own shape and to make sure that the style is right for the installation process. It is also important to make sure that the wall or wherever the flexible moulding is being installed is very flat and clean.

Believe it or not, flexible moulding can work with any imperfections on the surface that it is being installed on. Make sure that when it is installed, the screws or nails are small and in the proper conjunction. Flexible moulding can be sanded, shaped, and cut just like any other mould. It can also be painted like normal moulding as long as you paint it after it is fully installed and not before. This same information goes for staining flexible moulding because you do not want to damage your hard work before it is installed.

Of moulding

Since there are many options for the material of flexible moulding, it can be easy to stumble upon cheaper materials. Luckily, our team of professionals has done the work for you, and we know that Resinart’s Duraflex is by far the best material you can install in any home or building. We only offer this type of moulding to clients because we love to keep our reputation strong and gain their trust.


Not only do we build and install flexible moulding with the best materials out there, but we also offer endless options for shapes and sizes of moulding. We offer every type of trim from chair rail, to base shoe, to dentil moulding, and more. We love creating and building whatever our customers desire because we can showcase our knowledge and skills to the best of our ability.

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Hughes Trim wants you to know all about flex moulding and the advice we can provide about it. Flexible moulding ties a room together in the most unique way, and we love sharing our experience with this type of beautiful moulding. So make sure you call or visit us today in Florida for more advice or details about flexible moulding.

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