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Are you refurbishing a home or looking to add some finishing touches? Incorporating beautiful crown molding, baseboard molding, or casing designs will elevate the look of even the most underwhelming of entryways. Give your visitors the impression of elegance with high-quality commercial carpentry, brought to you by Florida’s own Hughes Trim Installation Company. Trust a professional – not a run-of-the-mill “trim carpenter near me” – for these fine details. 

What Commercial Carpentry Can Do For You

Perhaps you’re finishing up work on a fixer-upper and want to give it that final element of style and sophistication. Finishing details such as quality crown molding can transform any house into a palace. If you’re unfamiliar with the term “crown molding,” simply look up – crown molding is the decorative trim that conceals the seam between your wall and your ceiling. Carpenters have been crafting decorative crown molding for centuries in order to create a regal room. If you aren’t confident in your own carpentry skills, a “trim carpenter near me” might be no better. Make sure the professional you call is an expert in trim; otherwise, you may be paying more to fix their mistakes.

Ground Your Home With Beautiful Baseboards

Similar to the function of crown molding, your home’s baseboard trim hides the unsightly seam between the floor and wall, where dust, hair, and cobwebs cluster. A baseboard also protects your walls from scuffs and collisions. This essential detail comprises two parts: the board itself and the trim or shoe molding that rests on top. Over the years, baseboards have varied in height, but generally, the higher the baseboard, the wealthier the impression. A standard height to shoot for is 7-10″ from the floor. If your walls extend between 8 and 9 feet high, you’ll similarly want your crown molding to span 5-6″ from the ceiling.

Elevate Your Windows With Casing And Trim

You may have walked into a stunning home and noticed ornate trim around the windows and doors in a given room. This trim is called “casing” and can be offset from the wall by a piece of L-shaped trim called the backband. Window and door casing add depth to your windows by providing a decorative perimeter of 2.5″ to 5″ wide casing. A room with beautiful, elaborate windows and doors is generally perceived as belonging to a wealthier, more luxurious house. Another traditional decor present in elaborate homes is window sill trim. In addition to the window casing, a window sill trim decorates the bottom edge of the window with a piece of trim called an apron. These details work together to elevate the appearance of your windows and bring attention to the molding throughout the room. 

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Ready to take your house’s interior to the next level? Don’t just search for “trim carpenter near me” – trust your trim with Florida’s premier commercial carpentry service, Hughes Trim. Bring beauty, elegance, and luxury into your home the smart, professional way!