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You might be thinking of installing a front door at your home but having a dual thought on the type of material that should be used.. A grand external entry door should be elegant, classic, and gracious. A strong door that is not affected by external factors like wind and rain.

There are several front door options to select from ,that might help you. However, you can narrow it to your preferred choice, taste, quality, and one within your budget. But if you are in Florida, Hughestrim can make the selection much more manageable. Read ahead to get the basics before selecting and settling on your external door.


Types of Front Door selections

There are several types of front doors one can have. It all depends on the material and the design you choose for the door. Let’s expound on these two factors.


Finest Materials for Front Doors

Before any front door selection, it’s best to note down the material used to make the door. The material used will affect the quality of the door and how long it lasts. Some last an entire lifetime, while others may not. Is the door you are interested is made up of wood, steel, or fiberglass and what is the difference?

  • Front Doors Made from Wood

External doors made from wood are the most common. It is because they are easy to customize and decorate. Wooden doors can easily be custom built and, they come in different types from cherry, walnut, mahogany, and oak.

When searching for wood doors, always keep in mind hardwood doors are the most expensive. Be detailed in your search. The finishing has to be top-notch and, choose high gloss sheens as they offer the best safety for painted doors.

  • Fiberglass Doors

Fiberglass doors are a good option for people who live in harsh climates. The doors are sturdy and require little or no maintenance. These doors are more durable than wooden doors.

They can be stained to achieve the same look and feel as wooden doors. Fiberglass doors may cost a bit high but, the advantage is that they will take you longer and offer more security. By the end you observed saving costs in the long term.

  • Aluminum Doors

Aluminum doors have insulated foam surrounded by metal panels on both sides. The doors are custom made and sold only through dealers. The doors are durable as they are baked in an enamel finish. They don’t require painting and won’t rust within a 20yrs span. Due to the high standard set before buying, they don’t come cheap.

  • Steel Doors

If you prefer external doors that offer both security and durability, then steel doors will be your best bet. Steel doors have the same making  as aluminum doors. They have an insulated form with steel panels on both sides.

The doors don’t crack and are more durable than wood and fiberglass doors. Another advantage to this door is that it’s cost-friendly. But, if the door gets a slight dent, it may be hard to repair. It will require a complete replacement.


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Finally, selecting the right door is cost-effective and durable in the long run. Your grand entrance will leave a remarkable impression many years to come making font door selection important. This is where Hughestrim comes in, to offer you nothing but the best. Get in touch for quality doors.