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The minute someone lays eyes on your home, the very first thing that catches their eye is the main front door. This is because your front door is the part of the house that guests enter through, and thus, they are bound to walk past it and notice what it looks like. It may not seem like much when you look at the house from far, but it can make or break a person’s first impression of your home.

Updating your front door can be a fun project that you can opt for and give your house a new and more furnished look! To facilitate you in your project and to make life more convenient for you, we have compiled a list of the perfect four ways through which you can update your front door and get started on your door replacement project!


Painting the Door

Let us start with the most basic method of updating your front door. Like most things in your house, your door can also be painted to give it a newer and more updated look! The purpose of painting the door is not to match your aesthetic sense, but it becomes more of a necessity over time. With rain pouring down, the sun’s rays hitting the door from different angles throughout the day, hail, dust, and even strong winds can cause the paint on your door to get chipped off.

As a result, over time, it becomes essential that you paint over your door so that the new layer of paint can act as a protective layer for the internal structure of your door. While painting your door, you can experiment with the colors and go with something bold and exciting, give it a completely different touch or just go ahead with the current look of your door and refine it. Once you are done with the paint job, gently scrape off any excess paint with sandpaper. Before starting the project, make sure you opt for a day where the sun is shining so that the paint and primer can dry quickly!


Accessories to Decorate your Door

If you do not want to risk your door by painting it, you can update it by adding a few fun accessories to it that suit your taste. Be it ornamental lights, decorative handles, or even a decorative knocker; there is a wide variety of accessories that you can install around or on your front door to spruce up its new look. You can even add a natural look to your door and its frame by including plants, shrubs, etc.


New Hardware

Another option that you can opt for is changing the hardware on your door. It might not seem like a great idea at first, but changing the small hardware items on your door can make a significant difference in the overall look of your door. Add an antique-designed hardware item or something very modern and watch the entire door’s face get transformed instantly. Updating your entry’s exterior and interior hardware is also great for the overall life of your door. Choose from a range of external door installers and upgrade your door.


Replace your Door

If you want to change the look of your door from scratch completely, the right approach is to replace the door completely. There are various materials that you can choose from when replacing your door with a new one. This simple and easy replacement process will completely change the look of the front of your house!

Before moving forward with updating your front door, you need to decide what approach you want to use. Be it changing the hardware, replacing your door, adding a new coat of paint, or even adding accessories to your door; these are all tried and tested methods of door upgrading projects. Make sure you try them out!