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The curb appeal is essential for any homeowner, and that is why you will go for a home with all exterior elements, including the best window shutters working in harmony. The exterior window shutters are known to add beauty to your home. The shutters are a timeless and sophisticated window treatment when used in the right setting. For this and much more, check out Hughes Trim to add some life to your home.


More on the best window shutters

Importance of window shutters window

Shutters have an essential role to play in your home. Window shutters,

Improve curb appeal: It adds a classic and elegant touch to your home.

Privacy: Window shutters can help you block prying eyes for you to enjoy your indoor space.

Storm protection: if you live in a storm-prone area, a window shutter will help cover your window to protect it from any damage.

Energy efficiency: It improves your home’s energy efficiency by allowing you to control light and air.

Security: shutters deter burglars from low-lying windows.

Natural ventilation: exterior window shutters help improve the quality of your indoor living space by allowing you to control light and natural airflow.


How to choose the best window shutter for your home?

  • Choose shutters that match your home color scheme.

Window shutters are a great compliment to the design of your home. You can choose shutters with similar colors and shades as those on your walls or sidings. Consider trying to mix and match the colors to suit your style.

  • Choose a suitable material.

Vinyl is a durable and highly versatile material that blends well with most designs. Wood shutters are a great choice if you are looking for an authentic look. Also, poly composite materials can give you a look you need, provide a solid design and thick covering while enhancing durability. Solid basswood is also suitable since it does not peel, fade or warp.


Choose the correct type of shutter.

Common types of shutters include:

  • Board and Batten: These shutters are made from individual boards joined using short cross pieces known as battens. They come in spaced, square or arch-top, or joined style.
  • Louvered shutters: They have uniform overlapping slats of wood made into a frame. They can blend with various architectural styles, including Greek Revival, Cape Cod, Victorian, Ranch, Georgian, colonial, federal, and Italianate.
  • Plantation shutters: are ideal for storm protection.
  • Bahama shutters: They are louvered, styled, and fixed at the top of the window. They allow easy flow of light and air.
  • Cutout shutters: You can choose the cutout shape that suits your style.
  • Solid panel shutters are similar to kitchen cabinets or doors and come with a double or single panel. They are ideal for various architectural styles.
  • Scandinavian shutters feature a solid joined board and batten design, bright-colored panels, and mosaic cutouts. It is ideal for protection against snowstorms and blizzards.


Correct shutter size

Choose the right size of shutter for the best effect. Shutters should cover your window to provide the best protection for your home. The shutter components should line up perfectly with the window hardware and all architectural aspects of the window.


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