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With the new year starting, are you also looking around your home and thinking new house upgrades? Is your staircase feeling a little lackluster or in need of repairs? Have you already been searching for a stair company near me, looking for fresh ideas and options? Have you considered getting a prefabricated staircase to spark beauty and grace in your home? Continue reading to find out more and the best installation company in Florida to get the job done right the first time.


What Is Turnkey?

Before you jump headfirst into the stair installation process, you may be wondering what some of the terminology means exactly. Turnkey is the process of designing, supplying, building, or fully installing a product or a service, depending on what you’re looking for. 


The term refers to being able to easily “turn a key” and voila, your finished product or service is complete and ready to be used. When it comes to remodeling installation, your turnkey product will be designed, built and then installed all as one piece and from the same company for all of the services needed to get it done.   


Prefabricated Stairs

Thinking turnkey installation is the way to go? Getting stairs prefabricated is the best option out there, especially if you are considering curved staircases in your home. Having them prefabricated typically involves the stair section fully assembled, including the cove molding. The rail systems are assembled and pre-cut and drilled to be easily attached to the staircase. 


Everything in a prefabricated installation process requires absolute precision and skill in the craft. You don’t want to search for a stair company near me and pick the first business you see; you’ll want to do some research and make sure your installation company has the knowledge and skills to perform an outstanding job on your stairs. 


You don’t want to end up with a staircase that’s crooked or misaligned, causing more headaches and further work to be done. Creating prefab stairs requires experience and perfect dimensions and measurements to ensure everything fits flawlessly. That’s why when choosing turnkey stair systems, your only choice is Hughes Trim! 


What Hughes Trim Can Offer You

For over 25 years, Hughes Trim has provided many different installation services, including turnkey stairs. We hold training events for our labor staff, and have a full-time stair instructor. Utilizing our single-source vendor and staining our own product saves you time and money while ensuring that the entire process is being met by Hughes Trim’s high standards. 


We have installed 6,500 homes by 2020 through our one location in Orlando alone. Hughes Trim is in the process of getting a few more locations up and running by the early months of 2021, including a location in Jacksonville, Tampa and Sarasota. We are hoping to continue expanding into Gainesville and Panhandle later this year. With all these locations sprouting up, you will no longer have to search for the stair company near me!


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Ready to get great service and the best prefabricated stairs around? Call or connect with Hughes Trim today! Our Florida company will supply you with a flawless, precise staircase that will take your breath away!