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Are you looking for that one final ingredient to bring up the wow factor in your new home building project? Don’t start by searching endlessly for a “stair company near me.” Start by choosing Florida’s number one destination for prefabricated stairs. Choose Hughes Trim. Located in Orlando, we service all of Florida. Specializing in all things finish carpentry, we offer this comprehensive guide to help you select the staircase design of your dreams. 


Prefabricated Stairs, Explained

There are many different things to consider when selecting stairs for your build or remodel. Before getting into the details, however, you will need to decide on the shape of your stairs. This guide focuses on listing and describing the eight most popular staircase shapes. But don’t take this guide to some generic company you found by googling “stair company near me.” Bring your favorites to discuss with your Hughes Trim contractor. Guided by 20 years of experience, you can be sure that your contractor will be able to help you select a design that will make the most of your home. 


Staircases With Landings

  • Straight

The most straightforward of options, a single linear flight provides a classic look and features clean lines. Just because it offers a straightforward way from point A to point B doesn’t mean it can’t offer unexpected elegance. After all, the devil is in the details, and no one does details better than Hughes Trim. 


  • L-Shaped

Providing a quarter-turn, these stairs offer a literal twist on the classic straight staircase by introducing a 90-degree turn somewhere along the descent. Whether stately or dramatic, this look allows for some grand entrances. 


  • Winder

More complicated than the L-shaped, winders feature asymmetrical treads wider on one side than the other. A truly classic look that serves as a focal point to many modern homes, the winder provides the drama of a landing on a smaller scale than its sister, the L-shaped. 


  • U-Shaped

Known also as the “half-turn,” this staircase design captures the urban industrial design many home builders are after these days. It, too, is similar to the L-shaped staircase as it features a landing. Unlike the L-shaped, the U-shaped combines two parallel flights separated by a landing. 

  • Bifurcated

If elegance is what you are after, look no further than the bifurcated staircase. Featuring one sweeping set of steps that splinters into two smaller staircases falling in opposing directions, this design feature often serves as the perfect frame for grand entry halls.


Staircases Without Landings

  • Curved

Unlike winders, L-shaped and U-shapes, curved staircases have no landings. Instead, they cascade continuously, following the banister’s bend creating an organic frame and making a striking architectural statement.


  • Spiral

Spiral stairs offer an eye-catching compact design that packs an enormous punch with a relatively small footprint.  


  • Ladder

Perhaps the most obvious addition to our list, this minimalist staircase design is well employed when every square inch counts. 


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Whatever design you choose for your prefabricated stairs, don’t search the internet for a random “stair company near me.” Choose Hughes Trim, where we have 20 years of experience. The largest finish carpentry and installation company around, we proudly service all of Florida. Contact us today!