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Whether you are upgrading your home or building from scratch, you want great, quality materials throughout your home. One area that sometimes gets overlooked is in your housing trim and molding. Having a skilled trim carpenter will also come in handy during your renovation, as you don’t want uneven or skewed molding throughout your home. Hughes Trim services all of Florida to assist you in building the home of your dreams. Our carpentry contractors will get to work installing your new trim and molding the precise and correct way. 


Your Home’s Style

Before you start searching for a “trim carpenter near me”, it’s important to know exactly where you want your molding in your home. Trim and molding is used from ceiling to floor in most homes, with the most common areas being around doors and windows, right above the flooring and right below the ceiling. Flooring and ceiling molding are used as transition pieces, giving more of a flow to your home from room to room.

It can also be used to cover any slight imperfections or gaps between the walls, ceilings and floors while still giving a seamless look. Knowing how you want to best accent your home will better help you select the right trim for your house’s preferred style and aesthetic. There are also more innovative ways of using trim in your home, like on accent walls or in between different wall paints or types to add more decoration and character to the room. It’s easy to customize this look and keeps your home looking fresh and stylish. 


Selections From A Trim Carpenter

Now deciding on the type of molding you will use comes next. There are factors within each type that you will want to consider, but the most common types are MDF, finger jointed, softwood and hardwood. The cost of each type and whether you want to stain or paint them will help you further whittle down your choices. Pine finger jointed molding comes in smaller pieces, producing less waste, and is often fairly priced.

If you are planning on staining your trim, a softwood or hardwood is recommended, while a pine finger jointed trim can be painted. A hardwood will absorb the staining better, while a softwood lends itself to painting a little more than staining, and is cheaper and easier to work with. MDF is a good choice overall, as it’s cheaper in price and durable against dings and dents, but can be harder to repair than finger jointed trim. You don’t want to be in the middle of installing new molding, and have to search for a “trim carpenter near me” as your MDF isn’t cutting and angling right into your new home. 


Picking Your Trim Style

Trim companies will have their molding come in styles, such as modern, craftsman, and traditional. Choosing one of these styles is going to be more specific to your home’s style and what you would like to see as an overall theme. Most modern styles are flat and have little to no profile. Craftsman styles are similar, having a more flat surface, but usually has some layering of smaller pieces. Traditional types are found in most homes, offering more of a decorative profile. No matter what, the ultimate decision is up to you and your preferences, and how you envision your new or upgraded home. You’ll want to select a style that’s timeless and that you love to see everyday. It’s okay to mix and match styles as well, creating your own look, especially if it’s more of a hybrid of styles, such as a modern farmhouse aesthetic. 


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